Hail Insurance

We offer a variety of hail products in our office. We can sell you hail insurance on almost any crop that you can grow in Northwest Kansas. Here are a few of the products we sell.

Basic Hail Insurance

We sell a lot of the “basic hail” on wheat. This is a product that pays anything over a 5% loss. You pick the amount of money you wish to protect against. You do not have to insure all your acres although we always recommend it.

This is the product we sell on corn. This is a 10% deductible that disappears at 50%.


We sell this product a lot on beans. It is a 20% deductible.

With all these products you purchase as much fire insurance as you did hail insurance. Keep in mind on MPCI insurance, fire is only covered if it was caused by a lightning strike. Unlike hail insurance fire insurance by itself is extremely cheap and well worth the cost.

Also with these products you get the Agristore endorsement which protects your harvest grain to the first place of sale. It does have a $50 deductible.

Production Hail
This is a beast all on its own. It protects you against hail but instead of just an adjuster and a percentage of loss your actual production plays a part in the loss as well. This does have a 5% deductible.